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Stronach Labour Force Short History


Stronach Labour Force is a privately owned business, which was established as a result of demand for employees in the North-East region. It is a component of Stronach Timber Industries which has operated as a timber manufacturer in the area for 10 years.

Stronach Labour Force (SLF) was initiated in 2008 after the Dorset municipality was devastated by the timber mill closure and loss of many jobs for the local people. Many people came looking for work.

Stronach Timber Industries, a small manufacturer and family operated business, has grown from a two man operation to now employing 20 people.

The business was grown by delivering a high quality service to other large manufacturers and the wider community – it is based around the community for the needs of clients.

Services and labour were needed on clients’ sites to help improve the productivity of their businesses. Stronach employees were in demand and to ensure it could continue to service clients’ needs as well as operate the timber business, Stronach Labour Force was formed, and a unique, locally owned labour hire company was established.




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